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Service Support

Our service runs through the project cycle

Pre Sales Service

Customer service staff, at any time for you

  • Customers can get detailed product information through website inquiry, telephone, e-mail, fax and other ways. The company's sales and technical personnel will also enthusiastically help customers answer technical and business questions. On the spot investigation of customers, we are equipped with commercial vehicles to serve you in the whole process. The sales staff will show you our manufacturing production line and processing equipment, so that you can have a deeper understanding, affirmation and confidence of the assembly process and processing capacity of Meilan mining machinery.

  • The company is equipped with a professional design team to help customers sample, test, measure and analyze materials, free of charge. After combining with the site conditions, production capacity, requirements of final discharge particle size and investment cost budget, the company conducts feasibility analysis and demonstration, designs process and scheme, provides customers with solutions in a short time, and selects appropriate equipment.

  • Installation & Debugging

    After the equipment is manufactured, the company will send a professional technical team to the site to guide the customer's on-site installation, commissioning and operation.

  • Conduct on-site installation of the equipment, conduct comprehensive inspection before start-up and production, make records, and put into trial operation after confirming that all parts are normal.

  • Lubricate the transmission parts of the equipment according to the maintenance time, check the safety and quality of the key parts after shutdown, and make records.

  • If necessary, the customer should cooperate with the corresponding installation equipment and tools until the equipment runs normally and produces qualified finished products.

  • Communicate with customer operators in time, check and deal with abnormal phenomena during operation.

  • After the installation and commissioning on site and the normal operation of the equipment, provide relevant information and precautions to the customers:

    (1) Detailed product specifications, electrical schematic diagram, complete equipment, spare parts list, etc;
    (2) Common faults and troubleshooting. Parameters measurement of key components (no-load, with load), replacement method of common accessories, etc。

  • After the installation of the equipment, the customer's technical personnel shall be trained on the operation, repair and maintenance of the equipment:

    (1) Equipment installation procedure, debugging method, installation requirements, electrical principle of equipment, etc.
    (2) The overall structure of the equipment, working principle, working nature, training, function of all levels of components, operation method, mutual connection mode, maintenance mode, etc.

  • After-Sales Service

    Safeguard the safety production and equipment maintenance of enterprises

  • 30


    30 Minute Response

    All your questions will be answered by our professionals within 30 minutes

  • 3


    3 hours to propose solutions

    Within 3 hours to provide you with a full set of solutions, and provide professional technical support

  • 3/24


    Three days to arrive at the scene nationwide

    All customer problems nationwide will rush to the scene at the first time to protect the interests of customers

  • 30/72


    Follow up visit in 3 months

    The first time to solve customer problems at the same time, will also provide you with long-term follow-up

  • Shanghai Meilan International Co., Ltd.Since its establishment, has been committed to providing customers with perfect after-sales service, and has a skilled, experienced, strong sense of responsibility after-sales service team, wholeheartedly solve the problems of installation and debugging, after-sales maintenance and training operators for customers. Customers are the foundation of the company. We attach great importance to the long-term cooperation with customers. The affirmation of customers and the trust of old customers are very important, so we uphold the principle of maintaining communication with customers, ensuring the quality of service, and fully ensuring the interests of customers.

  • After the customer's machine is put into operation, we will visit the customer regularly to understand the current machine operation status, production capacity, use status of vulnerable parts and problems encountered by the customer, and solve the problems and implement technical guidance. Sort out and analyze the problems in the operation of the equipment fed back by customers, feed back to the R & D department for optimization design, and fully apply advanced and reasonable technology to the equipment.

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    We would like to work with you, we believe in offering stone crushing equipment with good quality at the competitive prices. If you have any inquiry, please contact us via phone or email as below information.

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