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    As the most ideal coarse crushing equipment, the jaw crusher plays a vital role in the material crushing system. Currently, jaw crushers are mainly divided into the following two types in the actual application environment:

    One is the old-fashioned crusher that was common in the early mine crushing system, and the other is a new type of jaw crusher developed and designed based on European advanced technology and actual application environment. The main differences between the two types of crushers are: the type of crushing cavity, the frame structure, the adjustment method of the discharge port, the installation form of the motor, and whether it has hydraulic auxiliary adjustment or not.

    Today, Meilan analyzes the difference between the new and the old jaw from 5 aspects:

    1. Rack structure

    The frame of jaw crusher is divided into two types: welding type and assembly type.

    1. The welded frame is welded by ordinary plates and has a simple structure, but it is prone to large welding deformation and cracking, and the service life of the equipment is short.

    The new jaw crusher is designed with finite element analysis method, combined with large arc transition fillet, low stress area welding method to reduce concentrated stress, and effectively improve the service life of the equipment.

    2. The assembled frame has high strength and reliability, and is convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance. The front frame and the rear frame are made of manganese steel and the cost is relatively high.

    The new jaw crusher generally adopts modular design to reduce the types and quantity of parts, greatly reduce the maintenance rate, improve the equipment's ability to withstand impact loads, and enhance the durability and stability of the equipment.

    3. The new type jaw crusher of Meilan adopts non-casting and non-welding frame side plates made of rolled alloy steel plate, without casting defects such as porosity and heat shrinkage, and finishing round holes to reduce stress concentration. The traditional jaw crusher, No matter how perfect the welding is, it is inevitable that there will be defects: micro-cracks, welding slag intrusion, residual stress, and changes in the metallographic structure of the base metal, which reduce the strength, especially the fatigue strength, and the welded and cast-welded structure frame has to be designed to be heavy. Structure, but the extra weight just makes up for the lack of strength.

    WeChat screenshot_20210318152115.jpg

    MJ series new jaw crusher structure diagram of Meilan

    The difference between new and old racks :

    Frame of old jaw crusher:

    The main machine is directly fixed on the base with bolts, and the periodic work of the movable jaw produces a large impact force, which often causes fatigue damage to the base.

    New Jaw Crusher Frame:

    The integrated design of composite rubber damping block, damping plate and integral bottom beam effectively reduces the impact of the crusher on the foundation, improves the stability and reliability of the equipment, and extends the service life of the equipment and the concrete foundation; No anchor bolts are needed during installation, which avoids damage caused by loose anchor screws.


    Meilan MJ Series New Type Jaw Crusher

    2. Moving jaw assembly

    The deep V-cavity design of the new jaw crusher, combined with the large stroke formed by the large inclination bracket, appropriate speed and flywheel inertia, ensures efficient kinematics performance and higher crushing ratio, and the processing capacity is better than that of the old model. The jaw crusher is increased by more than 50%. The movable jaw adopts high-strength steel castings: the movable jaw bearing adopts a special spherical roller bearing for vibration machinery, the eccentric shaft adopts a heavy forged eccentric shaft, the bearing seal adopts a labyrinth design, and the bearing seat adopts a cast bearing seat.

    Three, adjust the organization

    The adjustment mechanism of jaw crusher is mainly divided into two types: gasket type and wedge type.

    The difference between the new and old adjustment institutions:

    Old style jaw crusher: It adopts gasket-style adjustment, which requires disassembly and assembly of fastening bolts during adjustment, which is inconvenient for maintenance.

    New type jaw crusher: adopts hydraulic wedge-type discharge opening adjustment mechanism, stepless adjustment of the discharge opening size, making the adjustment of the discharge opening simple, safe and fast, saving labor

    Four, power mechanism

    The power mechanism of the jaw crusher is divided into two types: independent and integrated.

    The difference between the new and old power mechanism:

    Old style jaw crusher: The independent installation method of using anchor bolts to install the motor base on the foundation requires a large installation space, inconvenient adjustment, and difficult to guarantee the quality.

    The new type of jaw crusher: Generally, the motor base and the crusher frame are installed as one piece, and the installation is carried out in the factory. The tension of the V-belt is convenient to adjust, which extends the life of the V-belt.

    Five, hydraulic system

    The new jaw crusher usually uses a hydraulic system to assist in adjusting the size of the crusher's discharge opening, which is convenient and quick.

    (1) The hydraulic system adopts a quantitative system with a gear pump driven by a motor, and a gear pump with a small displacement is selected, which has a small displacement and low energy consumption.

    (2) Control the action of the hydraulic cylinder through the manual reversing valve to adjust the size of the discharge port.

    (3) The synchronization valve can ensure the synchronization of the two adjusting hydraulic cylinders.

    With the development of economy and society, the new energy-saving and environmentally friendly jaw crusher will replace the old type of low-energy and high-consumption crusher, and develop in an advanced and convenient direction.

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