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  • Ingenuity: Meilan Mining Machine ML Series Vertical Shaft Impact Breaker-the ultimate research and development of innovative technology, the power of sand making!

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    The new ML series vertical shaft impact crusher


    The new ML series vertical shaft impact crusher developed and produced by Meilan is the result of our pursuit of perfection. The company’s R&D team conducted rigorous demonstration and analysis of all necessary components through finite element analysis, establishing mathematical models, and simulating the actual application environment, thereby achieving extremely efficient design; in order to build this excellent equipment, the Meilan R&D team Pursue the ultimate in design and technology; as the core component, the impeller adopts a new three-port deep cavity design. The crushing performance is more than 20% higher than the efficiency of the same type of products. In addition, the material and technology of the wear-resistant parts are adjusted, and the life of the key wearing parts of the impeller raised dramatically.

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    In order to ensure the smoothness of the material when unloading, the main machine adopts a large throughput and simple design, which effectively prevents materials with excessive water content from clogging under the body, greatly improving the material throughput. The new ML series vertical shaft impact crusher is designed with two fast speeds. Switching the crushing cavity mode: stone-on-rock, stone-on-iron crushing cavity to meet the needs of different forms of processing; at the same time, the body made of high-quality wear-resistant materials is sturdy and durable, and has an elegant appearance and an intelligent thin oil lubrication system design. It can not only realize automatic lubrication and control oil shortage protection, but also enable the equipment to perform well whether it is applied to hard rock sand making and shaping operations, ore fine crushing operations, or construction waste, tailings and other solids processing. Excellent performance. The control of details, the pursuit of quality, and the ultimate research and development of innovative technology have achieved the unique sand making and shaping experience of the new ML series vertical shaft impact crusher of Meilan.

    The new ML series vertical shaft impact crusher
    Product design features


    1. The ML series vertical shaft impact crusher adopts a new three-port impeller structure, a bearing barrel design, a high-efficiency and low-cost crushing cavity type and a large-throughput frame, etc., and is equipped with a hydraulic decap device, which reduces the difficulty of equipment maintenance. Save the cost of use.


    2. ML series vertical shaft impact crusher can not only be used for sand making and shaping operations of hard rocks, fine crushing operations of ore, but also for solid waste treatment such as construction waste, coal slamming rock, tailings, etc. It is the current market It is an ideal energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-efficiency sand making and shaping equipment.


    3. In order to meet the crushing needs of different users, the structure is optimized, and the crushing forms of "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron" are configured, and the "stone hitting stone" material lining and "stone hitting iron" counterattack block structure are specially designed according to the working state of the equipment , So that the equipment crushing efficiency is significantly improved.


    4. When the "stone-strike-iron" crushing cavity is used, the crushing ratio is larger and more finished products can be obtained; the crushing cavity type adopts a new structure to optimize the installation angle of the impact block, and the high-speed material thrown by the impeller and its energy when it impacts Less loss, higher crushing efficiency, can obtain more finished materials to the greatest extent.


    5, "rock-on-rock" crushing chamber structure optimization, increased spacer layers can be formed a stable dense stone layer, to improve the breaking broken efficiency, the adjustment ring with the feed, and the ratio of the center feed material may be adjusted to cascade. The use of "stone hit stone" crushing cavity can obtain higher quality finished products, better discharge gradation and better cube shape; the service life of damaged parts is greatly increased, compared with the previous equipment under the same conditions of use, the key The life of wearing parts is increased by 30%-200%.


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