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    ·Meilan Craftsmanship·

    As the most ideal coarse crushing equipment in the world, the appearance of the MJ series jaw crusher of Meilan has made the experience of crushing products have a qualitative leap in many major aspects. Whether it is used for coarse crushing of the hardest rocks and ore, or continuous production under the most demanding production environment on the ground and underground, it can show its skills to ensure the maximum production efficiency of customers. In terms of process and technology, the MJ series jaw crusher obtains a reasonable range of stroke and a larger crushing stroke through continuous optimization of the equipment structure, crushing cavity, moving jaw movement trajectory and speed parameters, so that the equipment can be under the same power consumption. The crushing efficiency is higher, and the customer's return on investment is greater. The frame of the MJ series jaw crusher adopts the design of side plates and front and rear beams separated. The side plates are made of two hot-rolled steel plates. The front and rear beams are made of high-strength alloy cast steel. They are fixed by bolts and pins to avoid welding, the problem of stress concentration, and the frame can be disassembled, which is convenient for installation and transportation. In addition to optimizing and upgrading the process, top brands at home and abroad, such as bearings and motors, also provide sufficient strength and durability for the MJ series jaw crusher to crush superhard materials, and reduce maintenance costs. No matter what kind of crushing needs, from hard and strong abrasive rocks to various recycled materials, you can find the best solution from Meilan MJ series jaw crusher. Not only that, the MJ series jaw crusher also surpasses other products of the same type on the market in terms of appearance. The customized spraying process makes the final product present a delicate and calm industrial style. The smooth curve and the simple and atmospheric design bring unprecedented sensory experience, which finally presents us, is a MJ series jaw crusher with both quality and appearance, as well as performance and craftsmanship.

    ·Product design features·

    Jaw broken.jpg

    1. The MJ series jaw crusher is optimized based on CAD/CAE assisted design and fully combined with actual applications. The equipment has higher kinematics performance, unique deep V-cavity design, and a large inclination bracket. The combination of large stroke, appropriate rotation speed and flywheel inertia ensures efficient kinematics performance and a higher crushing ratio, and the processing capacity is increased by more than 50% compared with traditional jaw crushers.

    2. The modular frame without welding structure avoids the problem of welding stress concentration, improves the equipment's ability to withstand impact loads, and enhances the durability and stability of the machine.

    3. The integrated motor frame reduces the installation space of the crusher and saves installation time. Adjusting the screw to adjust the tension of the V-belt is more convenient and quick; the appearance of the whole machine is more compact and beautiful.


    4. The innovative integrated design of composite rubber damping block, damping plate and overall bottom beam effectively reduces the impact of the crusher on the foundation, improves the stability and reliability of the equipment; extends the equipment and concrete foundation Service life; no anchor bolts are needed during installation, which avoids damage caused by loose anchor bolts.

    5. The integral bearing box structure is adopted to ensure complete coordination with the frame, avoiding additional load on the bearing box, and bearing life longer and more reliable.

    6. The hydraulic wedge type discharge opening adjustment mechanism is adopted to steplessly adjust the size of the discharge opening, which makes the adjustment of the discharge opening simple, safe and fast, and saves labor.

    7. The top brand bearings at home and abroad provide sufficient strength and durability for the MJ series jaw crusher to crush super-hard materials, and reduce maintenance costs.

    8. The frame made of hot-rolled alloy steel plate has outstanding fatigue resistance. The frame is riveted with high-strength bolts without welding and the movable jaw, front beam and rear beam with optimized material design are a perfect combination.

    9. Easy to install—modular structure, can be disassembled and transported (downhole installation), the whole base frame does not need anchor bolts, eliminating the need for secondary grouting of anchor bolts.

    10. The movable jaw assembly is made of high-quality cast steel. The heavy-duty forged eccentric shaft and 4 double-row radial roller bearings of the same specification ensure that it has extraordinary reliability under the most severe crushing conditions.

    11. The bearing of MJ series jaw crusher adopts labyrinth seal to ensure the lubricating grease inside the bearing is clean. At the same time, it adopts centralized grease lubrication and is equipped with an automatic grease lubrication system to reduce the difficulty of maintenance and to ensure that the crushing operation site is clean and tidy.

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