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  • Meilan MC series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, a new tool for stone crushing and shaping!

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    In recent years, as a new type of crushing equipment, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers have been widely used in my country's hydropower construction, highway construction, bridge construction, construction industry and commercial concrete, and have gradually become the main production equipment for sand and gravel aggregates.

    As an important member of Meilan's mining equipment crushing series product team, what performance advantages does the MC series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher have? How does it work? Let's take you to find out!


    Meilan MC Series Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher MC100--MC700

    The MC series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a new type of hydraulic cone crusher independently developed and produced by Meilan Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (AMC) based on CAE and finite element analysis, combined with the actual application environment, and the MC series single-cylinder hydraulic cone The crusher integrates mechanical, precision processing, hydraulic, electrical, automation and intelligent control technologies into one, and has carried out a breakthrough innovation design on key components, making it the first choice for crushing and fine crushing of medium-hard materials. By perfectly matching the crushing cavity type, eccentricity and motion parameters, we have achieved higher production efficiency and better product quality; combined with optimized strength design and high-quality wear-resistant materials, the load-bearing capacity of the equipment is stronger , The crushing ratio is greater; in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment during crushing, we have adopted a large number of automated designs, such as automatic iron-passing protection, users do not need to stop the machine, and the machine automatically adjusts the discharge port during the crushing process to release foreign objects; When the amount is too large and the machine is overloaded, the motor will automatically stop through thermal protection to avoid overload damage to the body; the self-developed PLC intelligent control system can continuously monitor and record the actual internal load of the crusher, thereby optimizing the utilization rate of the crusher and making the crusher It can exert its best performance at all times; the positive pressure dust-proof system can ensure that the internal pressure of the crushing chamber is always higher than the external pressure, effectively preventing dust and other small particles from entering the lubricating system, reducing the pollution of the lubricating system, thereby reducing The maintenance workload is increased and the service life of the lubrication system and equipment is extended. The MC series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher will bring you an unprecedented crushing experience.


    Product design features :

    1. Special heavy duty design to meet various application environments and different production needs.

    2. The main shaft is stressed at two points to achieve a dual support structure, so that the main shaft can withstand greater crushing force. The moving cone has a small eccentric angle, better stability and greater processing capacity.

    3. It adopts heavy-duty spiral arc gear transmission, which has high transmission efficiency, stable operation and long service life.

    4. All parts are maintained from the upper part, which saves downtime and improves work efficiency.

    5. The optimized design of the energy storage system protects the equipment from overload. At the same time, the hydraulic adjustment system allows iron blocks or other unbreakable materials to pass safely and the spindle automatically returns to its original position.

    6. The design of intelligent constant crushing chamber system, along with the wear of the liner, can maintain the size of the crusher's feed port and discharge port, and the crushing chamber type remains unchanged. During the liner wear cycle, the maximum feed size and crushing The effective volume of the cavity is kept constant, and in most cases it has a production capacity comparable to other larger crushers, prolongs the service life of the liner and reduces the operating cost.

    7. The overall frame is flexible to support the equipment through 6 rubber pads, which effectively reduces the dynamic impact force and protects the stability of the equipment foundation.

    8. The same eccentric sleeve bushing can be adjusted in multiple ways to obtain different eccentricity. By adjusting the eccentricity, the crusher can reach the appropriate packed feeding condition with the best discharge port, so as to ensure larger output and better grain shape. Great.

    9. The self-developed hydraulic system can adjust the discharge port with one button when the equipment is operating normally, thereby improving work efficiency and reducing operating costs.

    10. Adopt finite element analysis method and fully combine the equipment's long-term operation experience to continuously optimize the design of the crusher's structural strength.


    11. Positive pressure dust prevention. Due to the rotation of the moving cone, the internal negative pressure is caused. The dust is easily sucked into the interior, causing pollution to the lubricating oil, causing damage to the equipment, and reducing the service life. AMC series products adopt positive pressure in response to this situation. Dust-proof system prevents dust from polluting the inside of the equipment. Effectively extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs.

    12. The intelligent automatic control system realizes remote support, records the actual crushing load inside the crusher, the power and temperature of the motor, and automatically optimizes and adjusts the crusher settings to coordinate with other equipment. Through cloud data transmission, escort the equipment.

    13. The integrated design of hydraulic station and lubrication station saves equipment installation space. The operation and maintenance of the whole machine are simple, and the operation is safe and stable.

    14. All castings are customized to standard production, and the design is optimized to make them more robust and durable.

    Technical Parameters:

    Please look for Meilan mining machine when purchasing crushing and screening equipment!

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