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    Jaw crushers are mainly used for the crushing of various ores and bulk materials with medium granularity. Jaw crushers are widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical and other sectors. The maximum compressive strength of crushed materials is 320Mpa crushing hard and medium hard The material is most suitable for the coarse crushing and intermediate crushing of minerals and chemical plants. The jaw crusher is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, and reliable in work. It is the most commonly used crusher equipment for sand and gravel production lines. So how to choose the right jaw crusher equipment?


    When choosing a jaw crusher, we usually consider the crushing process, equipment space layout, production capacity, equipment price and operating cost.

    1. The influence of crushing process on the selection of jaw crusher

    Due to the production characteristics of jaw crushers, the upstream process is automobile transportation, and the downstream process is belt conveyor transportation. A vibrating feeder should be installed between the silo and the crusher to ensure continuous and uniform feeding of the jaw crusher. Special attention is required here.

    2. The influence of layout space on the selection of jaw crusher

    The jaw crusher is built on the mountain, with a ladder arrangement, and the silo is inserted into the mountain to save a part of the space. The area occupied by the individual equipment of the jaw crusher has little impact on the production site, and the area is mainly the unloading platform of the forklift.

    3. The influence of production capacity on the selection of jaw crusher

    The specifications and models of the equipment are the key factors that affect the production capacity of the jaw crusher. The jaw crushers produced by different manufacturers are different in terms of speed, meshing angle, spindle eccentricity, and feed port size, which determine the equipment. The key to processing capacity is set by the manufacturer when the device leaves the factory. The naming of the equipment model generally takes the size of the feed inlet (length x width), where the length is the length of the jaws, which is the static number, and the width is the distance between the jaws, which is the dynamic number. At the same time, the size of the feed opening also determines the size of the large materials that the crusher can handle.

    4. The influence of equipment price on the selection of jaw crusher

    Which one is better to buy a jaw crusher? Meilan's new high-efficiency jaw crusher is your best cost-effective choice. The performance of jaw crusher equipment should not only meet the needs of production, but also choose cost-effective products as much as possible. Therefore, the price of the equipment is also an important factor when selecting equipment. If the price is too high, the business service may be better, but it is also necessary to consider whether the business intends to make high profits. If the price is too low, merchants may push defective products, after all, you get what you pay for.

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