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    In the crushing process , if the crushing cavity often enters the iron block, the movable cone liner and the fixed cone liner will be easily broken, especially the movable cone liner. In addition, during the crushing process of the moving cone, if the matching between the moving cone liner and the moving cone is not close enough, the cutting girth weld is opened, and the locking screw is loosened, it is easy to cause the moving cone liner to break easily and reduce the crusher. The crushing efficiency causes a waste of production costs. Thus, when the movable cone liner installation, the movable cone with a cone liner and movable to close, cutting ring firmly welded into place on the locking screw fastening significant to be particularly important.


    The common main failure of the cone machine in the use process is the failure of the moving cone liner. So what are the factors that cause this phenomenon? Today, the editor of Meilan will bring you a detailed analysis of the common causes of these problems :

    (1) The lining board is not leveled and adjusted when it is installed, it is biased to one side, and the load of the lining board is uneven when it is broken, and it is easy to break, loose and fail;

    (2) When the liner is installed, the locking screw is not fastened in place, and the fastening strength is not enough. The liner is loose and easy to break during the crushing process.

    (3) When the liner is installed, the contact surface of the movable cone and the movable cone liner is not cleaned, and the fit is not tight. The liner becomes loose during crushing, and the crushing fails;

    (4) When the liner is installed, the compression cutting ring on the upper part is not welded firmly. Or the welding seam is worn out during the crushing process, and the liner is loose and easy to break and fail.

    (5) In the crushing process, the crushing cavity often enters the iron block. The hardness of the iron block is relatively large, and the crushing load changes drastically. When the rated crushing load of the liner is exceeded, the liner is easy to break and fail .

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    According to the above analysis, the main reason for the failure of the moving cone liner is that the liner is not properly installed during the installation of the liner. The above-mentioned installation defects cause the liner to loosen or crack in a short time during the crushing process, or the crushing cavity is often broken during the crushing process. Enter the iron block and cause the liner to crack.

    Therefore, take the following corresponding measures based on the defects listed in the above analysis :

    (1) When the lining board is installed, it is leveled and adjusted so that the load around the lining board is evenly balanced during crushing;

    (2) When the liner is installed, the locking screw is fastened in place, and the fastening strength is sufficient, and the liner is not easy to loosen during the crushing process;

    (3) When installing the lining plate, clean the mating surfaces of the movable cone and the movable cone lining plate thoroughly to make the contact and fit tightly;

    (4) When the lining plate is installed, the upper compression cutting ring and the lining plate are welded firmly. During the crushing process, check whether the welding seam is open or not, and if it is open, re-weld firmly.

    (5) In order to prevent iron from entering the crushing chamber frequently during the crushing process, a reasonable electromagnetic separator is installed at the head of the feed belt to remove the iron entering the crushing chamber to make the liner uniformly balanced during the crushing process. In this way, the load around the moving cone liner can be made uniform, all aspects of performance are optimized, and in a better state, the cone crusher can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

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