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    "Perseverance, excellence, meticulous, and the pursuit of excellence craftsman spirit" is the spirit that deserves to be pursued and promoted at the moment. The craftsman spirit is a vivid manifestation of the spirit of the times, reflecting the spiritual outlook of front-line workers in all walks of life, and continuously injecting spiritual power into the high-quality development of various professional fields. In recent years, the saying that “scientists and entrepreneurs should also have the spirit of craftsmanship” is very common, and the spirit of craftsmanship has increasingly become the professional creed and behavioral ethics that practitioners in all walks of life observe. To embark on a new journey and set sail again, it is urgent for a large number of workers with the spirit of craftsman to sweat and contribute their wisdom.

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    Persevere and focus. Craftsmen use their craft expertise to create products, and they perform the exquisite skills of "what can be impossible" in the continuous improvement and breakthrough of the profession. In fact, handy skills, ingenious techniques and superb skills are derived from concentration. Craftsmen start as apprentices and craftsmen, and they should learn to do practical, meticulous, and trivial things. If you choose a certain profession, you should sink down, not be arrogant. To work hard and work hard in a field, one must not forget the original aspiration, stick to the ideal, sit on a cold bench, and endure loneliness.

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    Keep improving. The craftsmen have trained their skills and become the founders and inheritors of the “unique skills” of the industry. In various fields of technological innovation, there is a group of "hidden champions" companies that aim at market segments, concentrate on entering and becoming leaders, first cultivate the "state of mind" and then reach the "technical state". The ancients said that "practice makes perfect", it is precisely because of continuous lean that we can constantly surpass ourselves.

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    Meticulous. Craftsmen must have a rigorous attitude and must not forge counterfeit devices. Every specific technology research and development and application proliferation often have strict rules and standards, and it is impossible to take shortcuts and make changes. Just like the simple technique of screwing a screw, strict regulations must be followed for several turns and how much torque is applied, otherwise it may cause serious errors. "Although the processing is complicated, I will not dare to save labor, and the taste must not be reduced in material resources." Not to miss any detail, not to ignore any nuance, meticulous and dedicated to ingenuity, can create ingenious boutiques.

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    Pursue excellence. Carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship requires the pursuit of excellence, the courage to innovate, never being satisfied with the current level, never stagnating in the current state, but working towards a higher, better, and more refined direction.

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    As a manufacturer of heavy industry machinery, Anhui Meilan Company will vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmanship in the upcoming 2021, because it has adapted to the needs of the times. Carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, apply this development concept to every workshop, every master, and embody high-quality development in every craft, and we can produce more excellent products.

    Striding over 2020 and welcoming 2021

    May warmth and good things always be there

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