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    Technical support and service team

    In order to provide each customer with more efficient and high-quality services, Meilan is equipped with a number of technical, installation and after-sales service personnel to provide customers with comprehensive technical solutions at any time, and to bring a variety of product combinations and professional one-stop Service, including site survey planning, material inspection, scheme design, infrastructure construction, equipment installation, on-site test machine, production training, original factory accessories, perfect after-sales, etc., we will go all out to escort the smooth operation of the customer’s production line.

    Perfect parts supply capacity

    In addition, Meilan is responsible for providing equipment accessories services for customers. Product accessories include: jaw machine movable plate and fixed plate, cone mill rolling mortar wall and crushing wall, bearing seat, bearing, screen and other related accessories, accessories model and equipment The match is 100%. The company has long-term cooperation with well-known domestic logistics companies, rationally organizing delivery channels to ensure timely delivery of accessories; implementation and tracking of accessories delivery to ensure that the performance of accessories is intact.

    Quick delivery capability

    On December 17, 2020, the granite crushing production line project with an annual output of 5 million tons was exported to Cameroon VASTE. The equipment, spare parts and accessories worth 950,000 US dollars and the production line have been loaded and shipped, and they are ready to be shipped from Tianjin Port to Cameroon.


    Meilan will continue to use high-quality equipment

    Professional technical solutions, high-quality service support

    Create greater value and more returns for customers

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