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  • Four matters needing special attention when purchase cone crusher.

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    Cone crusher is a kind of hydraulic crusher with high power, large crushing ratio and high productivity. When purchase cone crusher, we should pay special attention to the size of feed and discharge granularity, output, power consumption and wear resistance of lining plate.


    1. From the size of feed and discharge,the feed size is large and the product size is small.It should choose extra thick type or thick type crusher, conversely use medium or fine type crusher. When calculating the feed size, multiply the large feed opening size by 0.85 to select the size of the feed material as the benchmark, but the average product size is the large feed size divided by the crushing ratio.

    2. Large feed size. The change of particle size, the distribution of the supply particle size; the hardness of the material, the wear resistance of the material.

    3. The long liner, the higher power consumption. Choose short liners for hard materials, long liners for soft materials, short liners for fine materials and long liners for coarse materials. In terms of the distribution of the feed particle size, generally, the material smaller than the closed side discharge opening cannot exceed 10%. If it exceeds 10%, the power consumption will increase, and the product particle size will appear flaky. The increase in water content of viscous materials will affect the throughput of materials, and the water content of materials generally does not exceed 5%. Electricity usage: standard cone crusher should reach 75%~80%, short head cone crusher should reach 80%~85%.

    4. In the distribution of the feed particle size of the cone crusher, generally the material smaller than the closed side discharge port cannot exceed 10%. Over time, the power consumption increases and the product granularity becomes flaky. Generally speaking, the cone crusher should pay attention to the following problems in the use process, so that the machine can work normally: the feed should be uniform during work and cannot be biased. Uneven feed will reduce production capacity. In addition, be careful not to put the unbreakable materials into the silo, and you need to install an iron removal device. Because, if unbreakable materials often appear, it will cause a certain degree of damage to the equipment itself.

    The structural design of the new cone crusher is very different from the previous cone crusher. It concentrates the main advantages of various cone crushers known so far. Suitable for fine crushing and superfine crushing of hard rocks, ore, slag, refractories, etc.

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