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  • Eight common faults and solutions for jaw crusher

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    Correct operation, reasonable maintenance and regular maintenance, accurate and timely judgment and elimination of possible faults are very important. This paper shares 8 common faults and solutions in the operation of jaw crusher.


    It may be cause by the following three reasons:

    (1) The sound of the crushing mobile jaw and the fixed jaw tooth plate colliding with each other is caused by the too small discharge port and should be adjusted in time.

    (2) The impact sound in the thrust plate support or the gasket adjustment device is generally due to the elastic loss or damage of the tie rod buffer spring, or the spring is not tightly pressed to cause rotation. When the movable jaw, the toggle and the body are not combined Make sure that the toggle plate head and the supports at both ends collide, or the adjustment pads collide with each other, the compression nut should be tightened in time until the impact sound disappears.

    (3) It is also possible that the toggle support sliding block is severely worn or loose, and the toggle head is severely worn, and should be replaced in time.

    2. when it is working,there is metal impact sound and liner shaking

    This phenomenon is often caused by the loosening of the side lining plate and the tooth plate (moving, fixed) of the crushing chamber, or the loosening and breaking of the fastening screws, and should be fastened or replaced in time.

    3. Frequent fracture of rear elbow plate

    Because the back bracket of jaw crusher not only has the function of transmission, but also plays the role of safety with the characteristics of low strength. Because the strength of the middle part of the jaw crusher elbow is too low, its own strength can not offset the crushing force produced by crushing ore.

    The reason is that the tension rod spring pressure of the rear elbow is too large, and the excessive crushing force may cause the overload of the rear elbow plate and cause the fracture of the rear elbow plate. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to adjust the pressure strength of the spring according to the production situation.

    4. The flywheel rotates, which makes the crusher unable to operate normally

    The reason for the above situation is: the pull rod and pull rod spring of jaw crusher are damaged. At the same time, if the elbow plate has been detached from the support slider, it will also cause the lining plate to break or even fall off, which will cause the crusher to be unable to run normally.Repair and treatment should be carried out according to different problems, for example, the elbow plate needs to be replaced in time if the elbow plate is broken, the pull rod or pull rod spring is damaged, and the elbow plate slips due to pull rod nut tripping. After replacement, the production can be continued after inspection and test.

    5. The flywheel swings obviously or the eccentric shaft runs slowly

    This situation is mostly caused by belt pulley or flywheel key damaged or loose. As a result, the rotation of the wheel and shaft is not synchronous. If the problem is found, tighten or replace the relevant parts.

    6. The product granularity is inconsistent with the production requirements (coarsening)

    This problem is mostly caused by the serious wear of crushing plate lining. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to change the tooth adjusting plate up and down, or to replace the lining plate, and adjust the ore discharge port to meet the required size.

    7. The bearing temperature exceeds the allowable temperature, and the return oil temperature exceeds 60 ℃

    The reason may be that the bearing bush is pressed too tightly, and the amount of pressing degree of the bearing bush can be adjusted by the gasket. Or the lubricating oil is insufficient, the lubricating oil circuit is blocked, and the lubricating oil is dirty. At this time, the lubricating oil quantity shall be increased, the oil pipe shall be cleaned and the lubricating oil shall be replaced.

    8. The oil flow indicator shows that the oil is cut off, which may be the problem of the oil pump. The oil pump should be repaired or replaced.

    In winter, if the oil temperature is too low, the oil can be heated

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