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    In the industrial field, there are many industries that have developed rapidly with social economic growth, such as construction, highways, railways, water conservancy, etc. These industries have also driven the demand for sand and gravel, so sand and gravel plants are currently an ideal investment project. Many users have many questions about the equipment configured when they understand the sand and gravel production line, such as jaw crusher. The process of sand and gravel production line is primary-feeding ,secondary-crushing and crushing-screening. The equipment selected in the primary crushing stage is basically a jaw crusher. Why? Can't you choose other equipment? Let's analyze the specific advantages of the jaw crusher and the unique point of its application.

    Jaw crusher has a history of more than a hundred years since its birth, and it can be widely used in mining, sand and gravel, building materials and other major industries. It is irreplaceable. We see the following aspects below.

    1. Working method

    Each type of crusher works differently, resulting in different applicable materials. The working mode of the jaw crusher is driven and squeezed. The movable jaw of the crushing chamber and the fixed jaw form an angle. Driven by the motor, the movable jaw is moved up and down, and the angle with the fixed jaw changes back and forth to achieve crushing. The effect of the material and the structure are relatively simple, but the crushing force and crushing ratio are very large, suitable for processing materials with high hardness and large particle size, and we all know that after the general ore is mined, the particle size is relatively large big.

    2. Operating cost

    The main purpose of investing in sand and gravel is for economic benefits. However, if the equipment often needs to be replaced in the later period or problems during work, it will cause excessive operating costs, and the profit will naturally decrease. The vulnerable parts of the jaw crusher are mainly the two jaw plates in the crushing cavity. Because the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate are in direct contact with the material, they are easy to be damaged under friction and strong crushing force. It is optimized and the materials with high wear resistance, and a liner is installed on the surface, which greatly extends the service life, saves the investment in replacing the wearing parts, and effectively reduces the operating cost.

    3. Crushing efficiency

    The primary crushing equipment is always at the front end of the production line. The crushing efficiency of the equipment will directly affect the operation of the entire production line. For the CJ series European version of the jaw crusher, it is based on the traditional jaw crusher through optimized movement Parameters: When the material enters the crushing cavity, it will begin to be crushed. The stroke of the material in the lower part of the crushing cavity will be greater. With the curved design of the jaw plate, the overall work efficiency is higher and the efficient operation level can be achieved.

    Generally speaking, it seems that jaw crusher is undoubtedly more suitable machine for primary crushing, and the price of jaw crusher is economical, the initial investment is not high, and the later operating cost is low, but it can bring great benefits to users. This is why most users like to choose Jaw Crusher. When choose jaw crusher, you must not ignore the quality problem because you pay too much attention to the price. The premise of low operating cost is that the quality of the equipment must be reliable, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee that there will be problems in the work.

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