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  • Jaw crusher jaw plate wear problem, how to avoid it?

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    In the process of operating mechanical equipment, we often meet variety of mechanical failures, most of spare parts are caused by serious wear . Jaw crusher is also the same,jaw plate in the long time crushing operation process will cause serious wear problems, which will directly affect the crushing production and cause crusher safety risks.

    How to avoid the jaw plate wear problem of jaw crusher? This requires us to follow below three points:


    1. Change parameters in time. Each batch of materials enter into jaw crusher should be inspected. Once the materials change greatly, the parameters of jaw crusher should be changed in time.

    2. Improve the wear resistance of jaw plate. The jaw plate of jaw crusher must be made of materials with high hardness, wear resistance and strong impact resistance. Enterprises with mining crushing production line technology can exchange the worn jaw plates of mine crushing and cement fine crushing.

    3. Repair the wear in time. In the normal production of jaw crusher, pay attention to the use of jaw plate. The worn jaw plate can be repaired by surfacing welding to prolong the service life of jaw plate.

    4. Install jaw plate firmly. The newly installed jaw plate must be fixed tightly and installed well, and make jaw crusher surface smoothly. A layer of plastic material can be placed between the jaw plate and the surface of the machine.


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